LTC Tree was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995 in a small apartment in North Atlanta. We pioneered the remote buying Long Term Care Insurance without having to meet with an agent at your kitchen table or even worse, sit through a boring Zoom meeting where they give you a high pressure sales seminar. We offer you access to every insurance company in the United States through our network of licensed agents who will help you shop the entire market in order to get the best deal for you.

We at LTC Tree are happy to FedEx or email you the quotes from the top 10 hybrid and or traditional Long Term Care Insurance carriers. The insurance industry is full of agents that sell their ‘favorite” company which most of the time pays them the most commission.  We are different in that we will pull the curtain back and show you every company on the market and objectively point out the cons and pros of the products.

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Our Mission

A balanced approach to LTC planning

Keep in mind, there is a chance you will buy Long Term Care Insurance and never even use your policy, so we train our agents to really dig in and help our clients find the balance between too much insurance and too little.  This pragmatic approach will still insure the majority of the risk while keeping your premiums down.  In doing so, you will save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the policy by not buying too much insurance.

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