Last Updated December 17, 2018

LTC Tree updates our Long Term Care Insurance blog daily with cutting edge stories and breaking news in the rapidly evolving LTC industry.  This Long Term Care Insurance blog offers readers tips and ideas on ways to save you money when buying this type of insurance.  We always start with the foundation concept that Long Term Care Insurance is like any insurance, you may buy this and never even use it.  Thus, finding that balance between too much insurance and too little is what we help our clients achieve.

Our Long Term Care Insurance Blog is designed to give our readers and researchers a behind the scene view of how the whole Long Term Care buying process works.  From the very first sep of researching Long Term Care Insurance, from comparing Long Term Care Insurance vs Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance, picking the company, applying for the coverage and finally buying the policy.  We update our Long Term Care Insurance blog daily so check back for more articles on our growing blog.


Can I Find In Home Care?

  If you have lived and experienced countless beautiful memories within the comfort of your own home, it has likely become a place you associate with familiarity and safety therefore, when it comes to making the decision of residing in your own home versus a nursing home,...

Expect this in your 50s

  Your 50s can bring upon a-lot of emotional and psychological changes, both welcomed and un-welcomed. You may find you feel or act differently than you once did in your 30s or 40s. So have you and your body actually changed? For most, the answer is likely yes! There are in...

Four Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer to the Elderly

  The Holiday season is upon us and we hope it is filled with warm and fun memories surrounded by your loved ones! The month of December can be plenty busy as it is filled with holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping and much more however, there are many who will still...

Four Tips for Planning your Retirement in your 50’s

  How to start planning for retirement is a topic on the minds of many Americans aged mid 50’s and up however, many are also unsure or reluctant on when and how to actually begin planning the logistics of it all. By age 50 retirement is no longer a distant thought but...

Does Intermittent Fasting Promote Anti-Aging?

  Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting is a vastly popular eating schedule used to promote weight loss and other health benefits. This type of eating does not necessarily specify which types of foods you should be consuming but instead focuses on when you should consume...
long term care

All About Digestive Enzymes

  Digestive Enzymes! By now you have probably heard of them, are wondering if they work, and whether or not you should start taking them. There can be a lot of confusion surrounding supplements and whether they will hinder or support your overall efforts. Questions such as...

Three Tips for Healthy Aging

  The second stage of life can be the most fulfilling for some. You may have finally mastered the secret to inner peace, wisdom, and self love. For others, the second stage of life brings upon new worries associated with an aging body and declining health however, there are...

Should I be Taking a Probiotic?

  As you age, you may find that you now suffer from mild to severe digestive issues that did not seem to exist in your younger age. Perhaps, you now experience troubles associated with bloating, gas, or issues associated with bowel movements. If this sounds like you and you...

Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

  For several decades now on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, thousands of American shoppers will hit all of their favorite retailers in search of the best “Black Friday” deals of the year. Likewise, on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day, thousands of...
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