Last Updated December 3, 2014

LTC Tree updates our Long Term Care Insurance blog daily with cutting edge stories and breaking news in the rapidly evolving LTC industry.  This Long Term Care Insurance blog offers readers tips and ideas on ways to save you money when buying this type of insurance.  We always start with the foundation concept that Long Term Care Insurance is like any insurance, you may buy this and never even use it.  Thus, finding that balance between too much insurance and too little is what we help our clients achieve.


How to Talk to Millennials about Long Term Care

Millennials grew up with technology and were the creators of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. So what do these tech savvy consumers need to think about when it comes to Long Term Care Insurance? Millennials are a planning focused generation which makes them an excellent market...

Is Alzheimer’s Type III Diabetes?

There was a recent article I read in the Express UK publication that mentioned there is growing evidence that dementia and Alzheimer’s could largely be caused by excess sugar consumption in a person’s diet.  The article gives evidence that Alzheimer’s is just a...

Is Long Term Care Insurance worth the cost?

A recent CNN/Money magazine article poses the question: “Is Long Term Care Insurance worth the price?” One could easily ask the question the other way around in order to explore and debate the the issues surrounding this important type of insurance. As the article points out,...

Smart Numbers-Crunching the numbers on Long Term Care Insurance

There are few of Americans out there with any kind of financial savviness that don’t have some kind of retirement plan, if not a whole portfolio of plans and resources for preparing for the twilight of your life.  We pack money away in 401ks and other retirement plans, we invest...

Categorical Thinking Devastates Your Future Long Term Care Planning

The sixth article in a series written by LTC Tree Advisor, Joe Houston, M.Ed., LPC, CRC Categorical thinking is the tendency to see the “general” rather than the “specific.” Rather than considering the details of a situation, these types of thinkers only get a superficial,...

Old War War II Vet needs Long Term Care

Jack is a 96 year old veteran of WWII. He was a medic and was active in the Battle of the Bulge and other campaigns. After the German surrender, he was sent to Washington State in preparation for the upcoming invasion of Japan. However, he says he was “saved” from...

If I need Long Term Care–I’ll Just Shoot Myself

One of LTC Tree’s most senior writer was asked to offer some thoughts as to why men—more so than women—are often not receptive to the idea of long term care insurance. As a retired counselor, with many years experience dealing with many levels of folks not wanting to deal...

Why You May Not Be Able to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

It was Spring of 1999 and I was a rookie Long Term Care Insurance agent for one of the major companies.  We worked for an aggressive agency here in Atlanta that really pushed hard to get marginal cases approved.  That Spring, I along with my class of agents were of course hungry...

Give Peace of Mind This Christmas – Year End Financial Planning tips

Why do people buy Long Term Care Insurance?  We set out to discuss this topic around the holidays with some year end financial planning, when many of our clients are with family and thinking about the future. Christmas is a time of festive family gathering where we see new and...
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