The Long Term Care Insurance reviews process does not have to be time consuming where you have to meet with multiple company reps.  LTC Tree’s Long Term Care Insurance reviews process is efficient and simple. We will mail you them rates and info on all the major companies. The above video and links go over more Long Term Care Insurance reviews on various topics and of course you can always click the quote button at the bottom of this page if you have reviewed enough info and are ready to get your quotes.

Long Term Care Insurance Reviews commonly asked questions

What types of Long Term Care services are available?  Here’s a quick review.

  1. Home health care: typically the aid or nurse will actually come into your home and give you care.  The care can be skilled care such as physical therapy, but most of the time the home health care is custodial care and the aid helps with your basic activities of living: Eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and maintaining continence.  If you need help with those activities you’ll probably need help with housekeeping, preparing meals and shopping and actually many of the top long term care policies on the market pay for that assistance as well.
  2. Adult Day Care: is basically day care for older people… you see it a lot in spousal situations in which one spouse has Alzheimer’s and the other spouse just needs a break maybe to go shopping so they will drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.
  3. Senior Housing: Is a nice intermediary between living independent at home and an assisted living facility.  They are typically apartment complex style setting that you get your own apartment but the apartment are equipped with rails, ramps, etc.  They also have many social activities which can be a nice change, as well as transportation if needed.
  4. Assisted Living Facilities: you might need more help than senior housing can offer but still would like to remain independent.   An assisted living facility staff member can help residents take medications, help with activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, and even provide some basic medical care. Many assisted living facilities also have on-site barber and beauty shops, medical clinics, and dining halls which resemble restaurants.
  5. Nursing Homes: are typically the last resort and offer 24/7 nursing care for people who are recovering from illness or injury, or sadly waiting to pass away.  Nursing homes  are designed for those people who need more medical care than other long term care options can offer, such as wound dressings, physical therapy, and help with kidney dialysis machines, respirators, etc.  Personal care for bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, etc are also available in nursing homes.
  6. Continuing-Care Retirement Community (CCRC): are designed to care for all levels of care at one property.  They might have an independent living wing, all the way up to an Alzheimer’s wing where the residents need constant monitoring.

LTC Tree Long Term Care Insurance Reviews Some good questions to ask when your relative or friend needs are:

    • Do you or does your spouse/family member need help with everyday activities?               Long Term Care Insurance reviews
    • Do they need Nursing care?
    • Would your or your spouse/family member prefer a small facility, a specific location, a private room?
    • Is there an exercise room or physical therapy available on the property?
    • Does the facility have a common dining area for the residents or do you eat in your room?
    • Will you be paying for the long term care facility out of your own pocket?
    • Do you need a facility that will accept Medicare or Medicaid patients?
    • Does the facility simply seem safe and and is the staff friendly?
    • How is the smell of the facility?
    • Is the temperature in the building comfortable?
    • Do the residents seem happy and cheerful?
    • Are there enough caregivers on staff and what specifically is the ration of residents to staff?
    • What are the individual rooms like?
    • Can you choose when to get up in the morning and go to bed at night or are there curfews?
    • When can friends and family visit?

Intelligent Long Term Care Insurance reviews and advice are hard to come by.  Most Americans aren’t even aware of this type of insurance, what it covers and why it’s a critical part of every retirement plan.  When looking for Long Term Care Insurance reviews and comparing plans, simply deciding which companies are reputable, which ones you can trust and navigating the options in the plans they offer can be very difficult.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could compare rates and get Long Term Care Insurance reviews from professionals that understand the complexities and options and can get the best deal for you and your family?  Well, that’s what we do here at LTC Tree.  First, a bit more about long term care insurance reviews and options.

Long Term Care Insurance Reviews the Options

Long-term care involves care provided by in-home health aides, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, adult day care and other services that assist with the ADLs (activities of daily living) such as dressing and undressing, eating, bathing and grooming and getting around.  You might think that your regular health insurance would cover the costs of these services, especially if you are unable to complete these activities due to an illness or injury.  But, unfortunately, this type of care is considered “non-medical” by both regular health insurance and Medicare and only by Medicaid if you are poor enough to qualify.  Long Term Care Insurance reviews don’t always mention this fact.

LTC Tree Long Term Care Insurance reviews the cost of care

So, the question then is how to pay for the costs of these services which do not come cheap, ranging from around $40,000 to $90,000 per year, on average, but are much higher in certain areas of the country.  For most of us, the thought of paying for these costs out of our savings is not a pleasant thought one.  At $90,000 per year, even a modestly large savings plan can be depleted in a matter of a few years.  But, with Long Term Care Insurance, these costs would be covered and you’d be able to keep more of your hard-earned money for your retirement and to pass on to the next generation.

But, navigating the terrain of long-term care planning can be tricky.  Long Term Care Insurance reviews should ideally compare the relative cost of care in your area with the costs of the various options in policies to calculate the best level of coverage at the most-affordable price while taking into account your financial status, family situation and health history and other retirement plans you and your spouse may have for your future.  Here at LTC Tree, we can help you by obtaining a quote from the top carriers and by looking at Long Term Care Insurance reviews and making comparisons based on your needs, financial situation and future retirement plans.

Long Term Care can be expensive, unfortunately most do not plan when they need care they have to spend down their savings to nothing then end up on Welfare.  However, there is a common sense solution to fix the problem. Long Term Care Insurance makes the most sense if you can afford the premiums and generally if you have $100,000+ in liquid saving.  You pay an annual premium for Long Term Care Insurance, and in exchange when you need long term care, the insurance provider pays you or the facility either a monthly or daily rate.

Long Term Care Insurance reviews the next step

It is important to note that you need to be relatively healthy to qualify for long term care insurance so plan sooner rather than later. Paying for the long term care yourself out of your own savings can be an option.  Most financially savvy people realize that they can use pennies to insure dollars by buying Long Term Care Insurance just like the other insurance plans they have such as home owners, auto, life, health, etc.  The shocking fact is you are much more likely to need long term care at some-point than have a house fire, or total your car.  More on risks can be found here.

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