Do you have enough money to pay for 23 Years of Alzheimer’s Care?

My mom went in for surgery to have her left knee replaced in 2005 and the day after the surgery she fell in the hospital tearing all the knee ligaments in her knee.  After 13 unsuccessful surgeries to try and repair the damage, she finally gave up her independence and accepted...
long term care

Prepare for the Unexpected in Retirement

When it comes to planning for retirement, there are all kinds of planners. There are those who have planned their retirement down to a t, there are those who haven’t planned anything, but keep reassuring themselves that it will get done this year, and there are those who have a...

At Home Exam Helps People Identify Signs of Alzheimer’s

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is crucial to the success of the treatment process and researchers have developed a new way to help detect the disease at home. The SAGE Test An early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can help individuals begin treatment earlier,...
diabetes alzheimers

Diabetes May Cause the Brain to Shrink

The link between diabetes and dementia has been documented before, but a new study sheds light on why the two may be connected. Diabetes may cause the brain to shrink, according to research from a group of prominent radiologists. Brain Size of Diabetics Memory issues and other...

Cognitive Abilities Start to Decline at Age 24, According to New Study

When talking about cognitive decline, most people think that it doesn’t happen until their senior years. If a new study is a right, though, that’s actually not the case at all. Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada say their new study shows that cognitive abilities...
anti-anxiety medication

Anti-Anxiety Medication Linked to Increased Risk of Death

A large-scale study has identified a connection between anti-anxiety medication, sleeping pills, and risk of premature mortality. Though scientists clarify the study proves correlation, not causation, the data results are still noteworthy for anyone already on or considering...
alzheimers blood test

New Blood Test Accurately Predicts Alzheimer’s, Researchers Say

A new blood test is making waves across the research community as researchers claim it can accurately predict whether or not a healthy person will ever develop Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s Blood Test Researchers interested in finding a way to test for Alzheimer’s lead...

Actor Seth Rogen Speaks to Congress About Need for More Research on Alzheimer’s

Speaking on a cause close to his heart, Seth Rogen spoke to a mainly empty Senate subcommittee last week about the need to increase funding for Alzheimer’s research. Congressional Hearing The actor, whose mother-in-law suffers from the disease, gave a touching, and at times...
flu shot

Flu Shot Cuts Stroke Risk, Says New Research

Falling in line with the CDC’s recommendation to get a flu shot annually, new research from the United Kingdom says that the shot can actually decrease the risk of stroke by 24% during flu season. Benefits of Flu Shot  Researchers at the University of Lincoln and University of...
brain size

Regular Walks Can Increase Brain Size, Study Says

Taking time out of your day for a walk has numerous benefits – preventing obesity, minimizing depression symptoms, and lowering blood pressure are just a few. New research says that regular walks may also help increase brain size and thereby, decrease the amount of aging in...
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