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Nursing Homes: Celebrating The Holidays

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Whether this is your first or one of many Christmases with a loved one in a nursing facility, Christmas can feel a little less cheery for the both of you. Perhaps it is your mom in the nursing facility and perhaps she is feeling a bit discouraged to be spending the holidays away from home. This year many families are unable to spend the holidays at home or together however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any Christmas cheer this year. There is still a lot to be grateful for this year[…]

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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home: How to Choose

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Deciding when it’s time to look for senior living arrangements for a loved one can be overwhelming. There are many types of senior living options but the two best known are assisted living communities and nursing homes. First and foremost you must evaluate and understand the needs of the person and their personality. This will best prepare you for your search, findings, and decisions.

Defining the two…

Nursing Homes:


Residents in nursing homes require 24/7 care, medical support, and monitoring. These are normally people with complex, chronic, and or debilitating health conditions. Due to their[…]

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Prepare for the Unexpected in Retirement

By |May 8, 2014|Categories: Advice, Benefits, Buying Tips, Insurance Industry, Psychology, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , , , |

When it comes to planning for retirement, there are all kinds of planners. There are those who have planned their retirement down to a t, there are those who haven’t planned anything, but keep reassuring themselves that it will get done this year, and there are those who have a pretty good general idea of how their retirement will go. In truth, though, there are certain things that are impossible to plan for no matter how meticulous you are, and a sudden health care emergency in retirement is one of them.

Finding Peace of Mind

Sudden health care in retirement is not[…]

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Long Term Care Providers Protest FDA’s Decision to Reclassify Hydrocodone Medications

By |March 11, 2014|Categories: Breaking News, Government|Tags: , , , |

Long term care providers are speaking out against a recent decision by the FDA to reclassify certain pain medications across the nation.

Reclassifying HCPs

Vicodin and similar painkillers are being reclassified from Schedule III drugs to Schedule II drugs, according to a proposal in the February 27 Federal Registrar, also known as the Daily Journal of the United States Government. Officials say these drugs have reached abuse levels that equate to an epidemic, which requires addressing.

Despite the widespread abuse, though, the hydrocodone medications also provide necessary pain relief to many kinds of people, including those in nursing homes suffering from long term[…]

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Nursing Home Rankings for 2014 Released

By |March 4, 2014|Categories: Advice, Breaking News, Retirement Planning|Tags: , , |

A new resource to help consumers choose a nursing home for long term care was released recently.

Best Nursing Homes 2014

US News & World Report published its Best Nursing Homes 2014. The resource lists the top ranked nursing homes in every state across the nation and includes nearly 16,000 facilities. The rankings can be searched by state and zip code and even include close to 100 of the country’s major metropolitan areas.

A new version of the rankings is released annually and 2014 is the 6th year in a row the resource has been published. In[…]

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Living out your Years with Dignity: A Long Term Care Insurance Policy can Help

By |January 4, 2013|Categories: Retirement Planning|Tags: , , , |

It’s a dream we all share.  To live to a nice, old age surrounded by our loved ones, our children and their families, with enough money in your nest egg and the financial security to live out your years in dignity and grace.  The reality is that Americans are living longer than ever before and thus many find themselves in the position of making this dream a reality.  The one factor that can ruin these plans and making these[…]

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