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Is Hybrid Long term Care Insurance For me?

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Purchasing Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance

If you are familiar with the way a traditional life insurance policy works then you understand that the policy will pay out a death benefit to any beneficiaries in the event of your passing. There are also some policies which will utilize this death benefit in order to payout or offer assistance while you are still alive, this is often a type of rider. Hybrid long term care insurance combine benefits from long term care insurance and combines then with the death benefit from payout from life insurance policies. These policies can provide relief[…]

Planning for Unexpected Health Care Costs in Retirement

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How would your portfolio fare if you were faced with a large unexpected health expense during retirement?

Retirement Care

In an age of climbing healthcare costs, preparing for that health care costs in retirementpossibility is one of the most crucial aspects of retirement planning. If a serious medical situation arose, would you able to absorb the cost and continue living the same retirement lifestyle or would you be forced to make changes to your budget? The reality is, most people would be forced to make drastic changes.

A study conducted by Sun Life Financial[…]

Retirement Long Term Care Insurance

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A Retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy, what to know.

The city of San Diego is a microcosm for the impending tide of financial insecurity that, in some cases, could be ruinous to older Americans both there and across the country.  The Retirement Long Term Care Insurance connection is the solution to hold off this this tide.  This tide refers to the wave of people entering retirement who do not have a Long Term Care Insurance policy.  Long-term care is care that assist with the basics of daily living when you are unable to care for yourself.  

A Long Term Care Insurance Policy is Good Value-for-money

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As the country rises out of the worst financial climate in more than a generation, many Americans are looking for ways to ensure that the future is more financially secure than the past, especially when it comes to retirement planning.  A generation of baby boomers are entering retirement en masse and are facing the harsh reality of long-term care.  Previous generations could count on their children or other family members to care for them were they lucky enough to live a long life.  Today’s modern, mobile workforce and lifestyle, combined with the rising cost of long-term care services, mean that[…]

Living out your Years with Dignity: A Long Term Care Insurance Policy can Help

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It’s a dream we all share.  To live to a nice, old age surrounded by our loved ones, our children and their families, with enough money in your nest egg and the financial security to live out your years in dignity and grace.  The reality is that Americans are living longer than ever before and thus many find themselves in the position of making this dream a reality.  The one factor that can ruin these plans and making these[…]