A Long Term Care Insurance Policy is Good Value-for-money

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As the country rises out of the worst financial climate in more than a generation, many Americans are looking for ways to ensure that the future is more financially secure than the past, especially when it comes to retirement planning.  A generation of baby boomers are entering retirement en masse and are facing the harsh reality of long-term care.  Previous generations could count on their children or other family members to care for them were they lucky enough to live a long life.  Today’s modern, mobile workforce and lifestyle, combined with the rising cost of long-term care services, mean that[…]

How to Deal with Rising Long Term Care Insurance Rates

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When it comes to retirement planning, you’ve got everything covered.  Smart investments, check.  401k or pension, check.  Insurance policies squared away, check.  You’re even one of the savvy Americans who’ve already purchased a Long Term Care Insurance plan to make sure you’ll be able to cover your long-term care needs in retirement.  But, suddenly, you are informed that your Long Term Care Insurance rates are going to be increased.  You become worried about whether you can keep up with the payments or, more practically, whether paying Long Term Care Insurance ratesk is even a smart investment of your hard-earned money.[…]