Dave Ramsey is a national radio show host, among other things, who focuses on personal finance.  One of Dave Ramsey’s perpetual recommendations to his listeners is to look at long-term care insurance.  He mentions it so much that the words Dave Ramsey Long Term Care Insurance so much that they go hand in hand.  Maybe you’ve heard of Dave and are also researching long term care insurance.  We are here to help by helping you shop the entire market of companies.

Dave Ramsey Long Term Care Insurance

Dave Ramsey Long Term Care Insurance, does he recommend?

Dave Says yes, if it’s at the right price and you are in a category of people who need LTC insurance.     Indeed, Dave suggests LTCI for those over the age of 60 – if the price is right.  Dave suggests that you as a consumer shop around for long term care insurance!  This is something that we do for consumers dozens of times EACH DAY!  Request a quote below, or keep reading. While Dave suggests clients over 60 look at long-term care insurance, running the numbers indicates that you will actually spend less over time if you purchase a plan at an age as low as your early fifties.  After all, the insurance is there chiefly to protect your assets, but also provides a good piece of mind.  Some carriers offer perks to clients who purchase a policy before age 65.

What does Dave Ramsey suggest paying for Long Term Care Insurance?

While insurance rates are regulated by your state’s insurance commissioner, you can adjust your benefits to get to your optimal premium.  This is something we are happy to help you with and make suggestions on (see below).  Dave Ramsey’s advice on how much to pay for long-term care insurance premiums follows:

  • In one of his columns on WorldNetDaily, Dave was asked by a single 60-year-old female whether she should get LTCI.
  • Dave suggested that if rates where under $2,000 it would be a good investment.  This is the importance of shopping the long-term care insurance market.
  • Getting quotes from the top six companies is step one.

Dave Ramsey long term care insurance is a topic that he and many financial advisers agree on.  But comparing companies is extremely important.  For example, single people will see huge differences between carriers because some give larger discounts than others.  Similarly, married couples will find that other companies may favor them. In other words, long-term care insurance premiums will vary drastically from one carrier to another.  Request side-by-side quotes for your exact case below.