Why Retirement Plans Don’t Save You From Long Term Care

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Many people believe that having a retirement plan in place will keep you financially afloat post-retirement. However, even with a substantial amount of money in a retirement account it is always better to have a long term care policy in place.

Having a long term care policy will not only protect you and your finances but also grant you and your family relief from the uncertainty of your future medical care.

You have a 70% of needing some type of long term care service at some point in your life, according to the United[…]

Don’t Get Stuck with Your Parents’ Junk

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When parents pass away, there is usually only a small amount of time for you to go through their house and decide what you should keep and giveaway. If you don’t take care of it as soon as you can then you may end up stuck with a lot of junk that you don’t know what to do with.

As your parents get older, you and your family need to start thinking about what will happen to all of the stuff in their house. The truth of the matter is that no one wants to[…]

Should you buy Hybrid or Traditional Long Term Care Insurance?

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The Go-Go 1990’s

The year was 1999 and like the dot-com era of companies such as, things were sky high for the Long Term Care Insurance Industry and the financial industry in general.  Banks and Insurance companies were flush with cash and interest rates were at a normal 5%-6% range for things like CD’s and the 10-year US Treasury.  The fixed interest rate market was critical for for these Long Term Care Insurance companies offering the at the time rich benefits for the premium dollar.

Insurance companies are required by the State Insurance Commissioner’s office to put a large portion[…]

How to Talk to Millennials about Long Term Care

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Millennials grew up with technology and were the creators of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. So what do these tech savvy consumers need to think about when it comes to Long Term Care Insurance? Millennials are a planning focused generation which makes them an excellent market for long term care. According to a recent study done by financial experts, 69 percent of millennials agreed that the burden of providing LTC for parents or grandparents will fall on them. This lead to 56 percent of millennials believing they personally will plan for LTC better than previous generations, mainly because they are more[…]

Is Alzheimer’s Type III Diabetes?

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There was a recent article I read in the Express UK publication that mentioned there is growing evidence that dementia and Alzheimer’s could largely be caused by excess sugar consumption in a person’s diet.  The article gives evidence that Alzheimer’s is just a continuation of diabetes, calling it Type III Diabetes.

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are the leading cause of needing long term care services and having to use a long term care insurance policy if the person planned ahead and even had one.  If this cutting edge theory is true, reducing the sugar consumption in our diets would be[…]

Categorical Thinking Devastates Your Future Long Term Care Planning

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The sixth article in a series written by LTC Tree Advisor, Joe Houston, M.Ed., LPC, CRC Categorical thinking is the tendency to see the “general” rather than the “specific.” Rather than considering the details of a situation, these types of thinkers only get a superficial, general view. They solve a problem by summing up the situation with a simplistic generality, such as viewing the cause of America’s current unemployment problem as being caused by illegal immigration. While that may be a part of the problem, and should be considered in any programmatic solution to solve the problem, the categorical[…]