Why Retirement Plans Don’t Save You From Long Term Care

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Many people believe that having a retirement plan in place will keep you financially afloat post-retirement. However, even with a substantial amount of money in a retirement account it is always better to have a long term care policy in place.

Having a long term care policy will not only protect you and your finances but also grant you and your family relief from the uncertainty of your future medical care.

You have a 70% of needing some type of long term care service at some point in your life, according to the United[…]

Upcoming Changes in the Long Term Care Insurance Market

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Insurance is based on risk and risk is always changing, so it makes sense that insurance industries will undergo significant ebbs and flows over time. The Long Term Care Insurance market is no different and some notable changes are set to happen in the industry this summer.

I spoke with LTC Tree advisor and agent Rex Stephens recently about the changes that are coming up in the Long Term Care Insurance market and why they are happening. Rex explained the reasons behind the changes and filled me in on what to expect in the next few months. Watch the video discussion[…]

LTC Tree Agents Discuss Long Term Care Insurance Rate Increases

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If you’ve read anything about Long Term Care Insurance in the news, it’s almost a guarantee that you have read about the rate increases that have been happening over the past few years. Journalists and newspapers love to talk about the rate increases and how substantial they are, but they often leave out some of the more important points that could be of help to consumers.

LTC Tree agents held a video discussion recently to discuss the issue of Long Term Care Insurance rate increases, how they work, how policyholders are handling them, and how consumers thinking about buying a policy[…]

Prepare for the Unexpected in Retirement

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When it comes to planning for retirement, there are all kinds of planners. There are those who have planned their retirement down to a t, there are those who haven’t planned anything, but keep reassuring themselves that it will get done this year, and there are those who have a pretty good general idea of how their retirement will go. In truth, though, there are certain things that are impossible to plan for no matter how meticulous you are, and a sudden health care emergency in retirement is one of them.

Finding Peace of Mind

Sudden health care in retirement is not[…]

Harvard Magazine on Long Term Care Insurance

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A few years back, Harvard Magazine did a research article on the problem of Long Term Care and the role that Long Term Care Insurance can play in planning for care. Anyone researching the topic of LTC planning will appreciate the general overview and “third party” nature of the article.

View the source PDF here.

Our Take

Darrick Wilkins and Drew Nichols discuss the article in this video, below:


Transamerica’s Newest Long Term Care Insurance Product Available for Sale

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Transamerica’s newest Long Term Care Insurance product, Trans Care III, is now available in all 36 interstate compact states across the US.

Opportunity for Solutions transamerica long term care insurance

Long term care planning is an important component of preparing for retirement and despite the market concerns about the industry, the company emphasized their belief in the “tremendous opportunity for long term care solutions” in their latest product announcement.

Transamerica is now giving quotes and taking applications for the product, which includes a number[…]