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All About Long Term Care

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Discussing long-term care

When it comes to long term care, there are many who wish to avoid the subject. Many do not like to imagine themselves in need of this care. Others feel they have countless more years before they have to consider these matters. Because of this, many individuals will find themselves unprepared when the need for long term care arises.

1 in 3 aged 65 and over will need long term care at some point. This number is quite high and rising with a rapidly increasing aging population. The truth is, the[…]

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Discovering Long-term Care

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Long-term care

For some it is a rather confusing topic. Others wish to avoid the topic all together as it is not necessarily a fun thought. However, when you consider the fact that close to 70% of those over the age of 65 will need it, you have to.

The need for long-term care is constantly rising. These medical and personal services offered through long-term care are vital to those who can no longer care for themselves. Research supports this notion when you take a look at the countless studies as conducted by the American Society on Aging. We can only expect[…]

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All Of The Ways to Pay For Your Long-Term Care

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A Long-term care insurance policy will help cover the costs of assisted living, nursing homes, and home health care. It exists in case you can no longer care for yourself due to age, disability, or a chronic condition.

Long-term care insurance can be a sensible coverage option for many. Especially when you consider the fact that, 70% of individuals 65 and over will need this type of care at some point as according to, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

So why doesn’t everyone opt for this option? The truth[…]

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Why No Long-Term Care Insurance Can Deplete Your Finances

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Long-term care insurance

Imagining your future needs for long-term care is likely not the most thrilling idea you have ever had.

In fact, most people choose not to think about it all. While we understand your temptation to avoid the subject, we also understand your crucial need to consider the following;

Most people will require long-term care at some point in their lives. 

According to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department  about 60% of those turning 65 can[…]
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Nursing Homes: Celebrating The Holidays

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Whether this is your first or one of many Christmases with a loved one in a nursing facility, Christmas can feel a little less cheery for the both of you. Perhaps it is your mom in the nursing facility and perhaps she is feeling a bit discouraged to be spending the holidays away from home. This year many families are unable to spend the holidays at home or together however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any Christmas cheer this year. There is still a lot to be grateful for this year[…]

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Is Hybrid Long term Care Insurance For me?

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Purchasing Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance

If you are familiar with the way a traditional life insurance policy works then you understand that the policy will pay out a death benefit to any beneficiaries in the event of your passing. There are also some policies which will utilize this death benefit in order to payout or offer assistance while you are still alive, this is often a type of rider. Hybrid long term care insurance combine benefits from long term care insurance and combines then with the death benefit from payout from life insurance policies. These policies can provide relief[…]

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