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Even You, Will Likely Need Long-Term Care

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What are the odds?

Your chances for one day needing long-term care are actually quite high and go up rapidly as you age past 65. This is why as we age, we also have a higher chance of needing long term care insurance. Whether you develop an illness, injury, or a chronic disease like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, the need for long term care can arise almost suddenly. However, this does not mean you have to be unprepared and on the contrary, you should spend time planning out your future. When considering your risk[…]

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Long-Term Care 101

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Long-Term Care Insurance

In order to obtain long-term care insurance you would fill out an application and answer a series of health related questions. You may also need to conduct a phone or in person interview. You would then select your desired level of coverage and insurers will assign a maximum amount to be paid out daily and throughout your lifetime. You would then begin paying your premium amount following your approval. When it is time for you to make a claim your insurer may request a medical evaluation before approving your claim.

Your policy may[…]

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Will I Need Long-Term Care?

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long term care

Many Factors

After a given age it is plausible that anyone may require long-term care at any moment. You could incur a serious accident, sudden illness, or life changing circumstances which could render you in need of long- term care . You may have pondered the question yourself “will I or will I not need long-term care?”. There is no way to know for certain whether you will require long-term care in the near future or at all however, you could consider certain factors when deciding if you are likely to need[…]

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Learning More About Long-Term Care

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I’m ready to start

Perhaps you’ve recently had firsthand experiencing with finding and placing a loved one in long-term care. Or maybe you finally have the time to begin to wonder about your own future care. Where would I stay? Who would look after me? How much would it cost and how would I pay for it? These are all questions that may come to mind when you begin to consider what your future long-term care may look like. Additionally so, you might wonder what your options are in terms of long-term care services, housing, and insurance. Many of the answers[…]

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Who Might Need Long-Term Care and When?

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Who might need care

There is no way to know for certain if and when you might need long-term care however, there are many ways to determine who might need long-term care. There a variety of factors which can contribute to your likelihood of needing long-term car near or down the road. There are also many indicators to help you determine when it may be time for long-term care. Weighing your adds of needing long-term care play a huge role in determining your need for long-term care insurance. Additionally so, determining if your[…]

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How to Make Long-Term Care Affordable

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Pension Protection Act

Can I afford care?

Countless surveys suggest that, the majority of adults do in fact recognize the possible need for long-term care but simply aren’t sure whether or not they will be able to cover those costs. Many individuals are well aware that they will likely require some form of long-term care similar to that of their own family members care. They have also usually witnessed first hand the burden a lack of planning can place on the entire family when dealing with long-term care. Even so, many will continue[…]

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