long term care

Many Factors

After a given age it is plausible that anyone may require long-term care at any moment. You could incur a serious accident, sudden illness, or life changing circumstances which could render you in need of long- term care . You may have pondered the question yourself “will I or will I not need long-term care?”. There is no way to know for certain whether you will require long-term care in the near future or at all however, you could consider certain factors when deciding if you are likely to need care. Let’s take a look at some common factors which could contribute to your chances of needing long-term care.


Historically, women posses a higher life expectancy in comparison to men and this may be why woman are actually more likely to require long- term care when compared to men. Women also outnumber men when it comes to overall population by three to one and statistics show that 66% percent of nursing home residents are in fact female.


Given that women tend to live longer and combined with the fact that women also tend to marry older, aging men are more likely to receive care from their spouse ,while woman are not. It is important to note that those who outlives their spouses may not have someone to care for them and may be more likely to require long-term care. Statistics also show that a large percentage of nursing home residents are in fact widowed females.

Cognitive Diseases

Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other cognitive conditions are often the culprit behind why one may require long-term care. Many individuals afflicted by cognitive impairments will require daily assistance and or medical assistance. Consider whether or not you yourself are pre genetically  disposed and at risk for any of these conditions.

Limited Mobility

Chronic diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis can hinder mobility and thus, be responsible for someone requiring daily assistance and in other words long-term care. Individuals afflicted by these diseases will likely need help getting to and from daily locations such as bed, bath, and kitchen.

 Family Availability

An individual with a strong support system may have the resources to receive daily assistance with tasks from friends or family members however, for most this is not always an option. Family members may either live far or simply have conflicting lifestyles making them unable to provide daily care and supervision.

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