Live Healthy

Like home insurance, you don’t want your house to burn down just so you can use your policy.  At LTC Tree, we want your Long Term Care Insurance policy to be the worst purchase you ever made.  We’ve built this health section to outline some tips to help you enjoy a healthy and happy retirement.  The insurance companies are increasingly tightening underwriting standards on health, making it harder and harder to even be able to buy Long Term Care Insurance.

Maintaining your health is the key to being accepted for a Long Term Care Insurance. It will also keep you independent for longer, which is often the most important thing to those receiving long term care. We have worked with over 45,000 clients since 2007 and  have excellent statistics on accept/decline rates for all of the major insurance companies.  We’ve developed a series of healthy living articles, videos, and tips to help navigate the often confusing, and ever-changing healthy living topic.