Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a vastly popular eating schedule used to promote weight loss and other health benefits. This type of eating does not necessarily specify which types of foods you should be consuming but instead focuses on when you should consume these foods. Essentially, there are specific “eating windows and “fasting periods”, which are deigned to lead to a lower caloric intake thus, resulting in weigh loss however, some research suggests that weight loss is not the only benefit here! Many studies have found that intermittent fasting may be a key component to anti aging as well.

How it works

This eating schedule allows for extended periods of time where you consume very little or nothing at all ranging from 16 and up to 24 hours per day. This method usually allows for a designated 8 hour window for eating in which you may consume all your foods. Many individuals will adjust these eating windows to best fit their schedules, with some forgoing breakfast and others forgoing dinner instead. It’s simple, fewer meals usually means less calories and usually results in weight-loss, as long as you are not over-consuming during your eating window.


During a fasted state your body is restricted from its usual glucose levels, thus causing a production of Beta-hydroxybutyrate. BH is a molecule produced by the liver which is used as an alternative energy source when glucose is not readily available. Studies have revealed that Beta-hydroxybutyrate actually accelerates the division and multiplication of the cells inside our blood vessels and yup you guessed it, cellular division is an indicator of cellular youth! Other studies have also found that fasted rats lived up to 30-60% longe lives than not fasted rats. This is just the tip of the iceberg on intermittent fasting methods and its aid against aging. If you are considering making a dietary life change, it is always suggested you consult your healthcare professional first.

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