I Tried to Eat Clean


Eating clean and healthy foods is for the most part, always an objective for all however, we can often become overthrown by our own unhealthy habits. Perhaps you lack the knowledge on which meals to prepare or maybe you do a great job eating well while at home but lose all sense of healthfulness when away from home. Do you struggle to make nutritious choices while dining out with family and friends? If so you are not alone, as countless studies have linked dining out to poor meal choices as well as overeating. Listed below are five simple tips to help you elect healthier meal choices while dining out so that you no longer need to forgo your social gatherings nor you health goals!




Tips for Mindful Dining Out


1.Browse the menu in advance 

Looking at a restaurants menu choices before you get there can help deter from any hasty and unhealthy meal choices. Most menus will also offer nutritional details on their online menu version not offered in store, this can be especially useful to those with more specific nutrients goals. Select a suitable meal before you get there and stick to your choice upon ordering.

2. Stick to water only

Most restaurants are great about providing timely beverage refills without you even having to ask. This is why ordering an unhealthy soda or juice beverage can lead to an overconsumption of sugars and calories before you even realize it. Opt for water only and this will also help aide in the fullness before and after your meal

3. Ask how your food is prepared

You may not realize that the way your food is cooked or prepared can make a huge impact on the amount of fat and calories consumed by you. Some examples include grilled versus fried, steamed versus sautéed, and vegetable oil versus avocado oil, these are simple modification to request which can greatly impact the healthiness or the food while not compromising the taste.

4. Opt for veggies as a side

Most entree’s will feature unhealthy sides such as fries, mac n cheese, or other carb loaded options, consider instead opting for a side salad or steamed veggies. I promise they will still taste great and you will likely feel better after too.

5. Coffee for dessert

If everyone around you is ordering dessert, it can be especially hard to resist a nice post meal snack, consider ordering a cup of coffee instead of a slice of cake. Coffee can help satisfy your sweet tooth craving and be a much healthier choice.

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