As the country rises out of the worst financial climate in more than a generation, many Americans are looking for ways to ensure that the future is more financially secure than the past, especially when it comes to retirement planning.  A generation of baby boomers are entering retirement en masse and are facing the harsh reality of long-term care.  Previous generations could count on their children or other family members to care for them were they lucky enough to live a long life.  Today’s modern, mobile workforce and lifestyle, combined with the rising cost of long-term care services, mean that many older Americans are finding it financially difficult to cope.  Nest Egg protected with Long Term Care Insurance

So, what is long-term care, and why should you care?  Long-term care involves services such as nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and in-home care and health aides that take care of you when you are unable to care for yourself in the so-called activities of daily living.  These activities include eating, getting in and out of bed and other essentials.  Your regular health insurance won’t cover assistance with these activities via long-term care service as they are considered non-medical in nature.

A good example is dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Many older Americans find themselves unable to perform these basic activities of daily life as a result of these two, debilitating diseases.  But, as this situation does not directly involve care for the disease itselfl but rather the results or side effects, you need to pay for long-term care yourself, if you don’t have a Long Term Care Insurance policy.  And, these services are expensive with the national averages being around $85,000 for care in:

  • Home Health Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Home

So, you’ll want to prepare for your future, long-term care needs by looking in to a Long Term Care Insurance policy.

Long Term Care Insurance makes financial sense

Considering the costs above, and the associated risks to your financial future, purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance policy just makes good sense.  While rates in Long Term Care Insurance policies are rising, they are only reflecting the reality of the high cost of long-term care services.  Being caught without it means paying out-of-pocket for these services at a time when you’ll be least able to deal with these diffcult and emotional decisions in your retirement years.  You don’t want to be a burden on your children or to lose all you’ve worked so hard to achieve in life.  So, why not prepare with a Long Term Care Insurance policy.

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