A Retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy, what to know.

The city of San Diego is a microcosm for the impending tide of financial insecurity that, in some cases, could be ruinous to older Americans both there and across the country.  The Retirement Long Term Care Insurance connection is the solution to hold off this this tide.  This tide refers to the wave of people entering retirement who do not have a Long Term Care Insurance policy.  Long-term care is care that assist with the basics of daily living when you are unable to care for yourself.  Activities of Daily Living like eating, bathing and getting in and San Diegans, like all Americans, need a retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy to cover these costs as long-term care is both expensive and not covered by regular health insurance or Medicare and only by Medicaid if you qualify.  That’s the potentially “ruinous” part as to qualify means to spend down all your assets.

Most not prepared for their long-term care needs

Research done in the San Diego area and, in other reports across the country, shows a staggering lack of awareness and preparation for individuals’ long-term care needs.  To quote a recent article:  Retirement Long Term Care Insurance

More than three-quarters of San Diego voters 40 or older have indicated they could not afford three months of nursing home care (which in California costs $6,800 a month on average). Less expensive home care is also a major challenge for San Diego residents – 41 percent say they cannot afford even three months of care.”The average stay in a nursing can be more than 2-3 years.  

This is clearly a worrying finding and points toward the need for better awareness and preparation by individuals, families and their financial planners.Added to this, more than 60% of local residents in San Diego were unsure as to whether Medicare covered long-term care.  It does not and only covers short-term rehabilitation and not long-term care.  And, San Diego is not alone.  Nationwide, less than 10% of Americans have purchased a retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy.

Retirement Long Term Care Insurance, what’s the answer?

A retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy is the answer.  So, what can you do to prepare for a peaceful retirement?  Purchase a Long Term Care Insurance policy from a reputable carrier.  That’s where we come in.  At LTC Tree, we’re passionate about helping you prepare for your future long-term care needs.  We’re experts in long-term care and we care about your future.  As the largest virtual retirement Long Term Care Insurance brokerage in the country, we work with the top, blue chip carriers to get you the best deal out there by helping you navigate the options and choices in Long Term Care Insurance policies.

It works like this: simply fill out our form and we’ll get you quotes from the top carriers, no obligation required. Then, we’ll help you navigate the options in your retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy and make sure you get a plan that is right for you and your budget but that ensures you’ll be protected against the coming wave of long-term care need. Thanks for reading today’s blog and be sure to check back on ltctree.com for the best in retirement Long Term Care Insurance policy advice, rates, quotes and comparisons.