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Lack of Savings Causes More Americans to Delay Retirement

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Not prepared for retirement? You’re not alone. A new study found that more than one-third of all middle class Americans don’t ever plan to retire. Instead, they believe they will be working until they die or are no longer physically able. Another third expect to work until they are at least 80, in order to have enough saved for retirement.

Working for Life

Wells Fargo conducts the same study annually and over the past few years, the long term care insuranceresults have continued to show a worse financial forecast than the previous year.[…]

Planning for Unexpected Health Care Costs in Retirement

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How would your portfolio fare if you were faced with a large unexpected health expense during retirement?

Retirement Care

In an age of climbing healthcare costs, preparing for that health care costs in retirementpossibility is one of the most crucial aspects of retirement planning. If a serious medical situation arose, would you able to absorb the cost and continue living the same retirement lifestyle or would you be forced to make changes to your budget? The reality is, most people would be forced to make drastic changes.

A study conducted by Sun Life Financial[…]