Finding a nursing home for a loved one can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that they are taken care of and are in great hands. Looking for a quality nursing home takes time and quite a bit of research. 

It’s important when researching different facilities that you take a tour, meet with directors and read reviews about the different nursing homes. It’s ok to ask a lot of questions when you are there. Picking out a nursing home for your loved one can have a tremendous impact on their life. Hopefully it will be positive and you are able to help them choose the right place. A recent study for Best and Worst states for nursing homes by FamilyAssests went over thousands of reviews rating from 1-5 stars on nursing homes.

The results for the Best States for Nursing homes:

  1. South Dakota (84.4%)
  2. Wyoming (82.6%)
  3. North Dakota (78.6%)
  4. Hawaii (77.4%)
  5. Iowa (76.9%)
  6. Utah (76.3%)
  7. Alaska (75.6%)
  8. Indiana (74.5%)
  9. Kansas (74.2%)
  10. Minnesota (72.7%)

These results are based off of 4-5 star rating reviews. If you live in any of these states your chances of having a great nursing home is great! If you or a loved one will be living in a nursing home for a good majority of time try to make the experience pleasant and enjoyable.