Perhaps, you watched yesterday as Rafael Nadal secured his 19th Grand Slam Title win at the U.S Open  2019. The athleticism displayed by Nadal was undoubtedly incredible to watch as well as inspiring. So inspiring that it made me want to pick up a tennis racket and give it a go myself perhaps, you experienced the same? The up side to the Golden years is that you now have more leisure time as your family and employment demands tend to lessen. For many, the question at this new stage of life is how to occupy that newly found leisure time? Maybe you occupy some of this time watching tennis but is playing tennis still an option for you? You may have some physical limitations which may get in the way of a proper tennis match however, if not, tennis is certainly still an option! In fact many avid tennis players are between ages 50-80.  Found below is a list of four useful tips specifically for senior tennis players:

1.Listen to your body

Tennis should be fun and not painful, listen to your body and play within your bodies range of motion. If you are attempting to dive and run back and forth you may sustain an injury that could have been otherwise avoided.

2. Recharge

It is important to let your body properly heal between games. It is recommended that seniors play tennis every other day instead of every single time, this will allow for you body and muscles to properly recharge from your last match.

3. Clay Court

It is recommended seniors play tennis on a clay court versus a concrete court. A clay court will be a lot easier on joints and also allows for more control of the ball.

4. Time your Match

During hot months it is especially recommended that seniors schedule their matches for either early in the morning or late in the afternoon to help minimize time spent in the sun. The sun can contribute to harmful skin cancers as well as heat exhaustion and other common illness in seniors.

Be sure to incorporate lots of fluids into your tennis routine and remember it’s never too late to pick up or resume tennis!

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