If you enjoy giving back to others as well as supporting organizations that do the same, chances are you are an avid contributor to charities. Aside from making charitable financial contributions individuals can also give back to to these organization by donating their time as volunteers. The question is how do you go about finding and electing with organizations to support and volunteer at? To make things easier I have compiled a list of 5 organizations that are doing great charity work to give back to senior citizens everywhere. If you are or have an elderly loved one in your life, you may consider joining their efforts.

1.Alzheimer’s Foundation of America(AFA)

As you know, many elderly individuals are currently or will at some point in their lives suffer from the degenerative memory disease known as Alzheimer’s disease. The AFA provides support to all those afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease whether it be the afflicted, family, or friends of the afflicted. This organization works on gathering information and resources to help combat and ease the effects of Alzheimer’s. If you wish to learn more follow the link above to their website.

2. Meals on Wheels America (MWA)

Not only does this organization support over 5,000 community based programs across the country but MWA focusses on supporting seniors to live healthy and nourished lives for as long as possible. Currently more than 15% of seniors have trouble obtaining the proper nutrition they require to succeed, that is why organizations like MWA have made it their mission to provide and deliver healthy meals to those senior citizens who cannot do so for themselves. Visit their website linked above to learn more.

3. Second Wind Dreams 

This organization helps make senior’s dreams a reality before they pass on to their next stage of life. This organization has helped fulfill over 10,00 dreams to date and continues to increase that number. These dreams can vary from being reunited with family, visiting a certain location, you name it! This wonderful organization works with senior in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and many more. To learn more visit the link above.

4.Pets For the Elderly(PFE)

As featured before in a previous post, PFE is dedicated to connecting foster pets with loving senior citizens in need of a furry companion. Many seniors have noted living both isolated and lonely lives well into adulthood. PFE helps with the adoption costs associated with adoption in order to help form valuable connection between pet and owner. If you are considering adding a new friend to your life visit the link above.

5.Honor Flight Network(HFN)

HFN is committed to specifically veteran senior citizen to aide in their healing and remembrance of their service to our country. HFN orchestrates and covers the costs of multiple trips to take these senior citize to commemorative monuments along with those who also served alongside. The goal is to provide closure for those who dedicated their lives to serving others so that we could live freely.

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