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At LTC Tree we understand that your home is very important to you. For many, it is the place where entire generations were raised and many memories formed. So it is no surprise as to why more and more individuals are opting to age at home and receive in home Long Term Care.  Perhaps you are considering receiving in home Long Term Care yourself? This is why we are committed to providing you with helpful news and tips to help keep your home protected and homey, as long as possible! Visit the Health & Lifestyle section found on the health tab of our website for frequent home and lifestyle insights.

Keeping your Home Healthy

A big challenge many individuals face in their elderly years is carrying out daily tasks, some of these tasks include routine housekeeping. Seniors with limited mobility may have difficulty maintaining hard to reach areas or may find the physical demand associated with daily chores cumbersome. We believe ensuring your home is clean and livable contributes greatly to your overall quality of life and thus, we have compiled a list of cleaning tips to help keep your home nice and tidy.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a Dryer Sheet for Clean floors

Getting on your hands and knees to clear dust from floor boards can be especially unpleasant once you start experiencing back and knee pains. A simple tip is to attach a dryer sheet to the bottom of your swifter, the dryer sheet will serve as a magnet for dust and dirt and you can avoid uncomfortable positions.

  • Easy Blender Clean

Cleaning your blender and getting rid of hard to reach residue can be both difficult and dangerous. An easy hack is to have your blender clean itself! Simply mix warm water, baking soda, and dish soap into the blender, set on pulsate for a few minutes, and voila!

  • Washable Mop

In order to save your multiple trips to the store or cleaning supplies, try and purchase a mop with a removable and washable base pad. Use the pad a couple time and then simply place in the wash and repeat!

  • Use Shaving Cream

Have any stubborn stain in your upholstery? Place regular(non gel) shaving cream onto the stain, sit for 30 minutes, and blot dry. The shaving cream will help dissolve and absorb the stain saving you a steep bill form the professional cleaners or new piece of furniture.

  • Baking Soda Bed

You are likely in the habit of washing your sheets and bedding pretty regularly but what about your bed? Its true you likely cannot toss your mattress in the washing machine however, you can easily sprinkle baking soda onto your bed to dissolve odors. Spread baking soda all over, let sit for an hour, and use a  hand held vacuum to vacuum up the baking soda.

  • Lemon Garbage Disposal

Do you have an unpleasant odor stemming from your garbage disposal? Cut up some lemons and toss them down the garbage disposal, this will leave your disposal smelling nice and lemony.

  • Self Cleaning Microwave

Is your microwave covered in messy residue from different dinners? An easy fix is to fill up a microwave safe bowl with white water and vinegar and heat for two minutes. The steam from the solution will help make cleaning your microwave a breeze.

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