Plan Ahead

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services says that as we age, over 70% of us will need some type of long term care in our life. It’s important to plan ahead for your future life care decisions before they approach.The older we get the more at risk we are for developing health issues along the way and the more at risk for limited care options we place ourselves in. Sitting down and going over your plan with family members or even a medical power of attorney will give you the peace of mind about your future life care decisions. Hammering out the details for you future long-term care now can help make difficult times in the future slightly less difficult.

Medical POA

If you end up using a medical power of attorney you will typically write up a “Living Will” to communicate your wishes for care in case you end up with a terminal condition. The will provides that if you are terminally ill and will not be able to recover your wishes will be followed through. Sometimes early on people will experience early stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s that can get in the way of making those decisions on your own. Which is why it’s important to plan before these types of diseases develop.

Resources Available

There are many resources now that allow you to get completely set up ahead of time. If you are in your late 40’s to early 50’s this is a great time to get Long Term Care insurance set up before your retirement comes. Unless you are significantly well off financially, you do not want to be stuck paying for high costs of long term care on your own.

If you or someone you love is interested in learning more about Long Term Care Insurance be sure to visit: LTC TREE for more information.