It is likely that your brain will lose some of its mental “sharpness” as you age, but did you know that completing simple brain exercises can help with retaining brain function and offsetting certain illnesses such as Dementia? Mental exercises such as the completion of puzzles have proven to both slow down and reduce the risk for certain mental illnesses in many individuals. The current number of individuals aged 65 and over who are afflicted by dementia is high and on the rise, as the average life expectancy continues to rise. Many of us have a rational fear of increased memory loss or the development of Dementia as we age, could puzzles help?

A study conducted by BioMed found that puzzles and other logic games ,helped improve overall mental clarity and memory in its participants. These participants were tested against a controlled group who received no brain stimulants or puzzles over a period of time. The participants with the puzzles displayed better decision making skills and memories while the participants in the controlled group showed decreased mental clarity and memory. The participants stood the test of time as they were all tested up to a year later. The results were not surprising as mental exercises aid in the development of new neurons in the hippocampus which is responsible for long- term memory. The more you exercise your brain the more likely you are to improve your brains cognitive function throughout your life span. This is why we encourage you to add some word games, puzzles, or other brain exercises into your daily down time, and you brain may remember to thank you later.

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