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Retail Giant Amazon has now entered the market of online pharmacy operations through its recent acquisition of PillPack, a startup which previously offered presorted medications and in home delivery. Amazon has long established itself as a major delivery retailer through its reliable and fast delivery on a range of products delivered straight to your door therefore, it is no surprise they are now offering a similar type of service on prescription medications. Amazon is currently licensed to ship medications in all states with the exception of Hawaii. Amazon’s efforts to expand its pharmaceutical reach all while shortening delivery times is likely to revolutionize the way we handle prescription refills today. This campaign is essentially geared toward users with chronic illnesses who require daily medication however, the added convenience of eliminating a trip to the pharmacy, appeals to any users in need of prescription medications.

How it works

The way it works is, Amazon will work directly with user’s doctors and insurance providers to obtain a list of medications and necessary payment, users can also add on any vitamins, inhalers, or testing supplies, they require as well. Amazon will then sort your medications into individualized daily packets labeled with doses and times. The medication will then be delivered straight to your door and set on a repeat basis so that you never miss a refill. Each month you will receive a detailed list of all your required medications complete with images and dose instructions. The packets are of course carefully screened by pharmacist at various points to ensure safety and accuracy. Amazon will coordinate, schedule, and package your medications so that all you have to do is relax. Amazon’s Alexa has also been updated to help users check on the status of their prescriptions orders as well as aide in the delivery of important medical information to designated providers. There is no doubt that is only the beginning as Amazon continues to dive into new healthcare technologies.

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