Apple just announced an amazing new feature on the new Apple Watches that could possible save your life. “Fall Safety” monitors, detects, and alarms emergency contacts when a fall has occurred.

The fall detection gives you around 45 seconds to cancel before it notifies emergency contacts. It is able to detect your fall because of the monitoring system that is running on your phone. It monitors daily activities of the body. By “turning monitoring on” you will allow the system to detect any falls that may occur. It also has a build in EKG that monitors your heart’s electrical activity. If you have irregular heart rhythm or a slow heart rate it is able to detect and alert your phone.

A lot of falls cause head injuries that lead to fatalities. In a situation where a person might be unconscious or unable to seek help the fall detection will kick in and alert emergency contacts of a fall. This is huge for everyday safety and preventing fatalities. This is truly incredible.