Fitness Challenges Defined

It’s 2020 and luckily for us, fitness seems to be a trending topic and goal for many lately. No clue as to what has recently made fitness “trendy” and more appealing, but for those who wish to live longer and healthier lives, its great news nonetheless! Perhaps ,you have seen various “fitness challenges” circulating the media and are also wondering what exactly is a fitness challenge?

A worthy fitness challenge usually entails a fitness professional hosting a fitness goal or “challenge” for a community of individuals who wish to better their overall fitness over a period of time. These challenges are very much community based and usually involve group check ins and updates, in efforts to increase accountability and motivation. Challenges may vary in duration as well as intensity however, in our opinion they are a great way for middle aged and senior individuals to stay in shape and we will tell you why!


Community Based

Our favorite part about these fitness challenges is their ability to use other like minded individuals as well as external rewards to help motivate and teach others how to reach their own goals. Most challenges include a discussion platform for all participating members to connect and discuss ideas and thoughts with one another. We feel this is especially great for seniors or middle aged individuals who feel they are lacking social connections in their lives , as this platforms gives them the ability to form new connections while bettering their health. It is also a great way to re-connect with existing contacts and embark on a fitness challenge together.

Professional Advice

Credible fitness challenges are usually hosted by a fitness professional who has consulted multiple sources to ensure a safe and fun experience for all participants. This allows individuals access to fitness knowledge and direction for usually only a small fraction of the costs of obtaining a personal trainer. This allows seniors and middle aged individuals to refresh and relearn what they know about fitness and how to stay healthier longer.  Please note it is always recommended you consult your physician to ensure a particular challenge is a good fit for you.

Nutritional Advice

The best fitness challenges feature full weekly nutritional plans complete with grocery lists and recipes for participants to follow each week. All of these meals are full of often overlooked nutrients and mostly easy to prepare meals, this is a great for seniors who struggle with knowing what to eat. Again, its is recommended individuals consult their physician to ensure the challenges nutrition plan meets their dietary needs.


One of the best things about these fitness challenges is it enables those who have been wanting to make a change for the better with the equipment to finally do so. Multiple studies surveying middle aged and elderly individuals found that one of the main reason for why they do not eat clean or workout is due to the fact they simply don’t know how to do so! Therefore, these challenges are great for those looking for daily direction and group motivation when it comes health and nutrition.


If you have a challenge in mind you are thinking of starting, we say consult your physician and then go for it, it may even help keep you from using your long-term care policy! If you need help finding a challenge as ask for recommendations form friends and also conduct your own research. There are fitness challenges geared towards specific goals and age groups if you wish to be even more specific. If you or someone you love is interested in Long Term Care or Long Term Care Insurance be sure to visit: LTC TREE for more information.