Dementia is the process of cognitive decline that interferes with daily life. Alzheimer’s is the most common type or form of Dementia that causes things like memory loss to happen.

There are a total of four main types of Dementia-Alzheimer’s disease, vascular Dementia, Lewy Body dementia and frontotemporal Dementia. Common symptons include memory loss, cognitive decline, mood changes, and problems with quickness and sharpness. While there is no cure for dementia scientists are always looking to find new ways to prevent or reduce the risk of dementia developing. Changing your diet can be a huge prevention for developing dementia.

Having a healthy balanced diet would include fruits, vegetables, fish and other proteins. The Mediterranean diet is highly recommended to prevent dementia according to the Alzheimer’s Society. They also say that you should try and aim to have five portions a day.

The Mediterranean diet is high in fruits, vegetables and cereals. Fats are mostly unsaturated like olive oil and there are very little saturated fats in the diet. It also has fish like salmon, poultry, eggs and dairy but has limited amounts of red or processed meats explains the Alzheimer’s Society.

Keeping your diet balanced means that you need to limit yourself on sugar treats and watch your salt intake. Things like sweets, bread, pizza, frozen and ready meals, or carbonated drinks are things that you should highly avoid. Try reading the labels on the different foods that you buy to see what they contain in them. Try finding healthier options for everything you buy. Always be sure to talk to your doctor about any questions that you might have.

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