Happiness & Aging

A national survey observed the correlation between older happy people (aged 60& over) and their likeliness to pass away and yup you guessed it, happy people do live longer! Levels of happiness were assessed based on a survey which questioned individuals on how many times they felt the following; I felt happy’, ‘I enjoyed life’ and ‘I felt hope about the future’. Based on just these answers, participants were classified into two categories either happy or unhappy. The study revealed that among the “happy’ older people only 15% later passed away as opposed to the 20% of unhappy people who later passed. The study also found that even a slight increase in happiness decreased the likelihood of death directly and inversely a slight decrease in happiness increased likelihood of death.


What can we conclude from these findings? Individuals should prioritize their happiness more as happiness is shown to positively impact overall health, relationships, mental health, and quality of life. Focus on making decisions and incorporating activities that make you feel happiest and more positive about the future so that you may actually manifest a longer more happier life. Happiness is a perceived emotion and state of mind, if you currently feel unhappy or wish to increase your happiness consider the following practices:

  • Make positive memories
  • stop negative ways of thinking
  • identify your values
  • live by your values
  • build meaningful connections
  • socialize more
  • travel when possible
  • add some form of exercise to your life

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