Some us may write because we have to, others may do so to remember things, while many may choose to write simply because they want to. The act of writing can range from a chore, a career, form of therapy, or a even just hobby to some. Myself personally, I write for all of the above reasons with a personal hobby of writing being the main one. I find writing to be a great form of self expression as well as a great stress reliever. There is power in telling a story whether the audience be few, many or just yourself, taking the thoughts which occupy your mind and releasing them onto a blank canvas, serves a positive use in my life. An article written by The New York Times, found the same to be true in the effects of writing on seniors.

The most popular form of writing amongst seniors is known as a memoir, memoirs allow seniors the ability to write down and retell their life stories. This type of writing requires seniors to recall and look back on their memories, while also allowing them the opportunity to leave behind their written legacy for a loved one. Writing can also serve as a health benefit to seniors, as various psychologist have found that those who write down their thoughts and memories are found to have a higher overall well being. Additionally, these studies found that writing allows one to sort through their emotions in a healthy fashion and release stress while doing so. Overall, those who write more frequently were found to be more at ease and posses a higher emotional control thus, making them more effective at resolving internal and external conflicts.

Writing can also help heal those recovering from traumatic events such as ptsd or other traumas, as well as help combat memory loss. Writing allows us to exercise the brain while releasing and recalling thoughts. There is science backing the benefits of writing and the good news for all is, writing is a fairly easy task for many. This is why we encourage keeping a journal for seniors to write down their thoughts, stories, and feelings. There are also many writing workshops one can join if you would like to take on a more structured approach to writing however, keep in mind that all you really need are your thoughts and some sort of written outlet to transfer those on to.

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