Black Friday Deals in 2020

While its seems the black friday shopping traditions were already starting to shift each year, add 2020 into the mixture. Yup you’ve guessed it, the Black Friday shopping routine may look different once again! With most deals and shopping going virtual this year, some Black Friday deals have already started!

Black friday started as a tradition that occured the first friday following Thanksgiving. This day featured doorbuster sales from just about every retailer and was seen as the best day to shop your christmas list. While the original tradition featured stores opening their doors promptly at 12:00 am, the ending of Thursday night and start of Friday morning, it has since shifted! We eventually reached a shift that featured retailers starting their Black friday sales as early as Thanksgiving Day. Regardless of the schedule, Black Friday typically features hundreds of shoppers all lined up outside of their favorite stores, waiting for the doors to open before they run in and crowd all the same aisles.

Pandemic Shopping

Given the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many retailers feel it’s their social responsibility to help reduce the spread of covid and are thus opting for other options this year. The goal is to minimize crowds in order to continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Many retailers solution to this? Have Black Friday deals both online and in store the entire month of November. Retailers such as Amazon,Target, and Walmart have all put in place early Black Friday Deals. These deals vary week by week and will allow shoppers to find savings from home or in store. However given the addition of many days of deals they are hoping this will mitigate in store crowds. Stores have not announced whether or not they will still have the traditional door buster sales starting at midnight.

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