For several decades now on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, thousands of American shoppers will hit all of their favorite retailers in search of the best “Black Friday” deals of the year. Likewise, on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day, thousands of shoppers will logon to their favorite websites for some online shopping every, “Cyber Monday”. The obvious difference between both of these shopping holidays is that one, (Cyber Monday) takes place online while the other(Black Friday) occurs live and in stores! Regardless of your reservations against shopping, I’m sure you have a wishlist you wish to check off and likely wouldn’t mind the extra savings. So which one offers the biggest savings and which one will you choose to participate in this year!? We have highlighted below some insider tips on both of these shopping holidays to help you choose which may be the best option for you this year.

When it comes to larger and more so one-time purchases such as appliances, big electronics, and big ticket items, Black Friday usually offers shoppers the most savings. Major retailers will ensure they have a certain amount of these popular items on hand and will offer huge savings on those first come first serve. Black Friday shopping can no doubt be a bit more chaotic as you may have to wrestle long lines and endure unusual store hours, however this is usually where you will find the best deal on TV’s ,phones, and more! Black Friday shopping can be a fun pastime event for those looking to do some fun shopping with family, as well as for those who have been waiting for the best time to purchase a specific item. Most retailers will release their Black Friday catalog well in advance so that shoppers may browse the selection and know where to find the best deals.

When it comes to items such as clothing, small electronics, and miscellaneous items, Cyber Monday tends to offer the biggest savings to shoppers. The best part about cyber Monday is you don’t even have to leave your home let alone wait in any long lines. Cyber Monday is also ideal for those with limited mobility or those who enjoy savings but are not a fan of crowds. Another piece of advice is to logon to your favorite stores website on Black Friday as many will extend an online version of their in store sales. Many sites will also offer a sneak peak browsing of their cyber Monday items and deals and allow you to add them to your wishlist. So enjoy & Happy Holidays!

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