Breaking habits and starting new ones can be challenging especially for seniors over the age of 60. Dr. Dana King from the American Heart Association says that most seniors are unwilling to follow basic healthy diets or lifestyles.

Kaiser Health News recently interviewed three experts on aging and health and how to help seniors break unhealthy habits and turn them around. Here are the 10 tips that they all suggested:

  1. Buy yourself a good pair of sneakers: It’s important to buy a pair or two of great quality sneakers. Keeping your feet protected and walking are both important to your health.
  2. Practice your balance and stability: Working on your balance and stability will help you lower your chances of falling. You can start with lifting your leg up for 30 seconds on and off. Also try some yoga this will help your balance and work on your core.
  3. Improve on your breakfast: Try and cut out an type of sugar in your meals in general. Slowly start replacing your foods with better alternatives and you will look better and feel better.
  4. Manage your stress levels: Figure out ways that help eliminate your stress besides alcohol, smoking, or food. Listen to soothing music, have candles or diffusers with essential oils in them, or even meditate. Whatever helps you relax and destress.
  5. Resistance training: Exercising in general is something you should continue to do whether it’s walking around the block for 15 mins, swimming, or lifting weights. Resistance training helps build muscles and strengthen them as well. As you age your muscles will begin to shrink and become fragile so this will help keep them strong.
  6. Get on the floor: Practicing getting on the floor and getting back up will help you tremendously if you were to fall.
  7. Practice your speed: Another important thing to work on is your reflexes and speed. Tennis can help with this.
  8. Believe in yourself: With age sometimes comes depression and feeling alone. Believe in yourself and believe in your journey.
  9. Finish a project: Find something that you love doing and finish it! Whether it’s gardening, reading a book, or even making something.
  10. Work on self improvement: You are never too young or too old to learn something new. Improve your mental and physical self.

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