There are many benefits to doing yoga in your 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s. Yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and lowers blood pressure. It can improve things such as flexibility, strength, mobility, and mindfullness.

Yoga is an exercise that combines controlled breathing, balance with poses, and relaxation. With aging muscles tend to stiffen and flexibility tends to decrease. Practicing yoga can help improve your overall health and fitness goals.

Benefits of Yoga:

-reduces stress: with yoga you practice slow and controlled breathing that allows your bodys nervous system to slow down which allows the body to release any kind of stress.

-slows bone thinning: with signs of osteoporosis and thinning of bones as early as your 50’s doing yoga will help reduce the risk of dense bones.

-Rebuilds muscles: Yoga practices controlled movements and breathing that allows your body to improve balance and stability. While doing different poses your are acting building and toning muscles.

-Improves posture: stretching through the different poses of yoga can actually improve your posture.

-Meditation: With deep breathing it allows you to have a clear mind and can boost your mood as well. When you are practicing deep controlled breathing you are allowing your body and mind to slow down and relax. There is nothing distracting you. (Also helps with insomnia).

There are many different types of yoga to try so find one that fits your needs and give it a try. The benefits can have a wonderful impact on your mind, body and strength.