With over 91 residents to evacuate and blazing fires that seem to be out of control the pressure is on to get moved from these areas. California has been blazing with what is considered the worst wildfire in history over the past week. A nursing home in Cypress Meadows spotted fires from the distant and realized they only had a matter of time before flames would engulf their living facilities.

With fires moving in faster than help can, Sheila Craft, director of admissions and marketing at Cypress Meadows, staying in shelter would bring certain death to over 30 staff members and patients who rely on them for everyday needs. With help that can longer make it to them they have to take matters into their own hands. In the small town she is needing around 91 beds within driving distance for her residents. On an average day getting these beds to the nursing home would require being put on a waiting lists.

Sheila helped get all of the residents into vans and even drove some that did not need complicated care in her own car. She spend 10 hours trying to drive away from the quick spreading flames. After hours of flat tires, tears, and no contact with anyone they finally made it to safety.

After a week of driving around trying to escape the fires, all of the 91 patients have been relocated and some are even with their families. But as far as the small town all that is left of the nursing home is burned and tangled equipment that crumbles even to the touch. Sheila Craft visited her home and it is no longer standing. Both are burned and all that is left is a blackened ground filled with white ashes.