A recent study at Cambridge University, suggests that Dementia could develop as early as in the womb. Studies have shown already the link between specific genetics and Alzheimer’s developing at early stages. This study says that if you do not develop certain traits and genes from your parents that the likelihood of you developing Dementia is a higher risk.

The study took brain samples from 54 different patients and 40 of those patients had already had signs or forms of Dementia. Scientists then discovered that about half of them that did not have theses flaws in their DNA that it was a factor in their sickness. Scientists believe that early development of Dementia begins while embryos are growing in the womb. These mutations grow on the brain while it is growing and developing and stays there until later use.

Dementia causes neurons to stop communicating with each other as well as sticky plague that lumps on the brain itself. The main cause of why people develop Dementia is still being studied. But 1 in 20 people who do develop Dementia have a family history of genetics that links this together. By 2021 there are going to be over 1 million people that will suffer with Dementia. Researchers and scientists are working together to find out more about inherited and non-inherited genes that help develop dementia.