Mother’s day is quickly approaching and although this year’s celebrations may look a little different due to shelter in place, you can’t forget about mom! This global pandemic might place a few restrictions on how we are able to celebrate our mother’s and all the wonderful things they do for us however, a little creativity can go along way. Do not fret as we are here to help you think of great gift ideas for mom outside of your usual spa day or fancy dinner reservations! We have compiled a list of extraordinary gift ideas for her wether she’s near or far.

If far

If your mother lives far away, in a nursing home, or nearby on strict shelter in place guidelines consider the following gift ideas (All of these gifts can be ordered and delivered online or left on the front step of your mother’s residency) :

  1. Flower Delivery (Available at your local shop, Amazon Fresh, or doorstep delivery by you)
  2. Edible Arrangement
  3. Air Fryer (Amazon or Target delivery)
  4. InstaPot (Amazon or Target delivery)
  5. Customized Picture book
  6. Groceries with handwritten card


If Nearby

If your mother or grandmother currently reside with you, here are some fun ways to make them feel special without having to leave your home.

  1. Backyard picnic
  2. At home manicure
  3. Handwritten card
  4. Bake her favorite dessert
  5. Online cooking tutorial (Stream an at home cooking lesson, pasta from scratch)
  6. Plant a new tree


More gift ideas

  • Coffee Maker
  • iphone (facetime her too)
  • Alexa home (mom can listen to her favorite oldies)
  • Kitchen aid mixer
  • Comfy robe
  • Scented candles
  • Roomba vaccum
  • House plants
  • At home painting kit (do a wine and paint night)
  • Cheese board

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