I’m certain you’ve heard various time throughout your lifetime now that you should incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, but what about chocolate? That’s right studies also suggest that you should add more dark chocolate to your diet. Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate is made up of large amounts of cocoa which contains copious amount of anti-oxidants such as polyphenols. These antioxidants can contribute to various health benefits making chocolate and all around healthy snack choice. Found below are just some of the health benefits this tasty treat can add to your life.

Contains Flavonol

Dark chocolate contains a flavonoid known as flavonol ,which can help contribute to increasing heart health. Flavonoids make it more difficult for the blood pallets to clot thus, reducing the risk for stroke and blood clots. Flavonols are also good for improving blood flow to the heart as well as lowering blood pressure.

Lower risk of disease

The antioxidants found in dark chocolate have been proven to reduce the amount of free radicals in the body. This is great news considering the fact that free radicals found in the body are compounds that can directly contribute to cancer and other diseases. The antioxidants found in chocolate help neutralize these free radicals thus lessening their damage.

Improve Cognitive Function

Flavonoids in cocoa are also responsible for an increased blood flow to the brain. Researchers have found that low blood flow to the brain is often associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia thus hinting that dark chocolate may help boost memory and brain function.

Good Cholesterol

Many older individuals struggle with high cholesterol levels making it unwise to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. Dark chocolate on the other hand when consumed in moderation wont raise your cholesterol levels. In fact dark chocolate contains oleic acid which is known to raise good cholesterol levels which is good for the heart.


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