Sadly, many seniors can find themselves feeling isolated and longing for companionship later in life. Similarly, many cats and dogs will find themselves in crowded shelters longing to be someone’s loyal companion. Organizations such as Pets for the Elderly(PFE) recognize the opportunity for a beautiful bond between seniors and pets through this occurrence. This public charity has long dedicated it’s time to connecting seniors with friendly companions while saving the lives of many animals in overcrowded shelters.

This program which initially began with only two participating shelters, now extends to a total of 57 shelters across 36 states and has placed over 78,000 seniors and furry companions. PFE helps make these adoptions possible by using donations from charitable donors to help seniors fund the adoption fees associated with pet adoptions from participating shelters. These efforts have made dramatic impacts in the lives of many seniors and pets, helping ease loneliness, loss of a loved one, and providing affection for both parties. There also exists a multitude of research that supports the health and emotional benefits of incorporating a canine companion into the lives of the elderly. With findings ranging from increased health to declined anxiety and loneliness in these individuals. The end goal of the program is to eventually extend across all 50 states, helping pets and seniors everywhere connect. If you are interested in adding a furry companion into your life be sure to partner with organizations like PFE or similar charities in your area, who can help you find the perfect addition.

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