Recent discover of a new plant in California could be linked to treating Alzheimers. The plant is called Eriodictyon californicum has been used to treat headaches and even sore muscles. Scientist are saying that this plant could be a new discovery to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The California tribe has been using this plant for many years and they call it “Yerba santa” which in English translates to “holy herb.” The tribe uses it to treat many things but mostly headaches and sore muscles.

A recent study showed researchers  from the Salk Institute are going even more in detail about the discovery of Yerba Santa and are saying that it could be highly useful for treating Alzheimer’s disease. They have taken over 400 plant extracts that are showing signs of pharmacological properties of anti-inflammatory. Researchers have also found that the compounds of the plant are effective against cell death in the nerve cells. This showed the impact that the anti-inflammatory had on certain brain cells. In finding this it was also effective at removing iron which has been known to add certain damage to these types of nerve cells in people with these diseases.

Researchers are planning to test in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease and after that they will be able to determine the different characteristics. With the number of people rapidly growing every year who develop Alzheimer’s this “holy herb” could possibly have the potential at treating this disease.

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