Daily Vitamins + Minerals

New study from Oregon State University finds that taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement does in fact have plenty of benefits specifically in older adults. This study revealed that older individuals who take both a vitamin and mineral supplement report feeling healthier. It is important to note that the study focussed more on self reported answers and their is still opportunity for further investigation due to variance in answers. In this study a group of 42 participants aged between  were divided into two groups and later observed. One group received a daily vitamin and mineral supplement combination for a duration of 12 weeks, while the other group received a placebo for the same amount of time.


A Simple Regimen

The findings revealed that the group on the vitamin and mineral regimen scored higher health wise compared to participants in the placebo group. Both groups experienced day of illness however, the vitamin group reported fewer sick days than placebo group overall. Sickness in the mineral/ vitamin group were also less severe and shorter lived. This regimen was simple and easy to follow and shows that a similar regimen may increase immune health and lower risk/ severity for certain illnesses. Although, further research is required to determine how drastically this combination positively impacts the immune system, this serves as good idea as to a simple regimen for older individuals. We already know that various nutrients can support immune health and luckily many of these minerals are readily available and inexpensive.

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