Dr. Clare, a clinical psychiatrist at the University of Exeter, ran a recent study with brain injuries and cognitive rehabilitation. One of her patients has early signs of Dementia and she has a program that allows the brain to restore and help with daily functions.

Cognitive rehabilitation is a way to help people with brain injuries try and restore normal functions by individualized programs that use specific skill training and practice metacognitive strategies. The program links occupational and other therapists together and brings them into the homes of patients suffering with dementia. The practice allows patients to improve on everyday activities that they are struggling with. Whether it’s doing laundry, staying organized with plans and appointments or making food without burning it the therapists come in and help teach these patients how to perform again.

Dr. Clare says that they do not ever suggest that doing this rehabilitation can reverse the effects of dementia but it will help exercise their cognitive functions and mental abilities. Over several months therapists will use personalized strategies that help patients that are experiencing early stages of dementia.

There is a growing number of people that are experiencing early signs of dementia in the United States. Over 500,000 new cases of dementia will be assigned this year. If you or someone you loved is needing Long Term Care help or wants more information checkout www.ltctree.com