During exercise our bodies release a hormone that could possibly improve our memory and overall health. This hormone could possibly help our memories, treat obesity and diabetes, as well as slow down our aging.

This “exercise hormone” that is released is called Irisin. In recent studies it has shown that it can possibly help us to maintain and sharpen our memories. Irisin has also shown that is can help people stay at a healthy weight and slow down aging.

A study by Nature Medicine involved mice and showed that exercising sharpens our memory and thinking skills. Exercising can help remodel the brain and help remember the past to those whos past is fading. Bruce Spiegleman and his colleges at Nature believe that Irisin could be a candidate for development as a novel treatment for obesity, treatment for diabetes, sharpening our memory and thinking skills, cancer, and other disorders.

Researchers found the Irisin can reprogram the body’s fat cells to actually burn energy instead of storing it. This could help people maintain a healthy weight. While doing moderate aerobic exercises the hormone is released and is able to increase the metabolic rate. The hormone switches on genes that convert bad fats into good fats.

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with eating good foods and staying active so that you can protect you or a loved one from developing Alzheimer’s or even Dementia. If you can incorporate working out into your everyday activities and produce Irisin do it now so you can reap some of the amazing benefits.

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