Your 50s can bring upon a-lot of emotional and psychological changes, both welcomed and un-welcomed. You may find you feel or act differently than you once did in your 30s or 40s. So have you and your body actually changed? For most, the answer is likely yes! There are in fact many changes that usually present themselves to those in their 50’s. Listed below are some of the most common changes you are likely to experience if you are in your mid 50s and you should note, they aren’t all are bad!

Brain Function

You can expect that at age 50 you now exercise more daily brain function than you once did back in your 20s

Mental Health

You should be happy to note that many individuals among their 50s reported better mental health and overall satisfaction with life

Immune System

The immune system is more likely to slow down and attack itself as you age


You may find that your hair has begun to thin and recede or that is no longer as thick as it once was

Vision & Hearing

You may encounter that you now require daily lenses or experience some difficulties with hearing. It is important to schedule regular eye exams to ensure you have the correct prescription as well visit  a hearing specialist if you experience drastic or sudden loss of hearing.


Over time, your risks for diseases and negative health tends to go up with age however, this does not mean you can not age healthily. Schedule regular health screening  with your health care provider, take care of yourself, and enjoy your 50s.

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