The FDA has issued new recommendations on using feeding tubes. In the past their have been instances where feeding tubes were being misused or misconnected with the wrong medical device that would then provide a different function than what it should have been doing.

Providers should be taking extra precautions when it comes to using feeding tubes. According to a new guide from the Food and Drug Administration, the tubes should be used with skilled care and the providers should be meeting all guidelines that have been issued by the International Organization for Standardization. These are implemented to help reduce any risk of misuse with the connection of the feeding tube.

Over 32 reports have been related to misconnections with the feeding tube and the administration has received reports of two deaths since 2011. The Food and Drug Administration worries with concern that not all cases have been reported.

The FDA has stated that they are working with providers and patients help to “reduce the chance of medical device misconnections, ensure patient safety and facilitate the availability of products that work for the multitude of patient populations, uses and care environments.”