Is Getting Older Making me Tired?


A feeling or sensation of “tiredness” is often associated with many underlying conditions and diseases however, it is also extremely common among those without any ailments, especially those in their middle age. This period of adulthood typically used as a precursor for “old age” ,is usually defined between the ages of 40-60 and typically involves a lot of changes ,with chronic fatigue being one of those changes. Countless Middle aged individuals have reported symptoms of fatigue or tiredness regardless, of how much rest they are receiving each night. So is being tired inevitable for aging individuals?

Not necessarily and the truth is there are many simple changes you can make which would likely end this ongoing feeling of always tired!! Compiled below are five reasons you may always feel tired, as well as some changes you can make to help remedy this:


1. Too Many Carbs

Carbs which are often utilized by the body as a main energy source when broken down, can actually have the opposite effect in the body when consuming too many refined carbs. Refined carbs can result in an ongoing rise and fall in blood sugar levels which can leave you feeling quite sluggish. You may consider minimizing your refined carb intake and instead replace them with carbs from whole foods such as veggies and other fibrous foods.

2. Too much rest

Thats right, too much rest can actually leave your body’s energy levels well –at rest! Get up and move around even if you feel “too tired”, you may be surprised by the sudden influx of energy you receive from exercising.

3.Not enough Vitamin D

Your tired and sluggish state can actually be an indicator your body needs more Vitamin D! Vitamin D helps keeps your energy high and your body functioning well. Consider adding a Vitamin D supplement or safely spending some time in direct sunlight, you should note that darker skin tones require more time to absorb Vitamin D from the sun.

4.Not enough water

Have you slowed down on the amount of water consumed lately? Staying hydrated helps our bodies remain energized, try significantly increasing your water intake and see if you feel a new burst of energy.

5. No Good Sleep

In order to properly refuel each day, your body requires consistent and good rest while sleeping. If you do not have a good sleep pattern or routine in place, your body could be suffering regardless of total hours slept. Try reintroducing a set bedtime for yourself and follow it, this will allow the body to recognize when it is truly time to rest and recharge.

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