Much to consider

As you age, you may find that you suddenly require little to more assistance when carrying out your daily activities such as housekeeping, preparing meals, and hygiene. For example, you may feel that it would be particularly helpful to you to have someone available who could remind you to take certain medications or prepare a meal or two for you. You may agree that this helping hand may now be necessary however, you do not believe you necessarily require the all day skilled nursing care provided by a nursing home. If this is the case, you may consider looking into an assisted living community or facility, as theses facilities are designed with the intention of providing a helping hand to seniors, all while allowing you to maintain your independence and socialization while in a home like environment. Perhaps, this is something you are already in the process of deciding upon however, you are unsure of what factors to consider when selecting a facility. Look no further as we have compiled a list of the top five factors to consider when selecting an assisted living facility that’s right for you.

1. Location

Location is very important when deciding upon a living facility as it will determine how the facility itself operates due to certain local laws or restrictions, as well as determine the accessibility of you to your loved ones. Since some states place certain limitations on the amount of care an assisted living facility is able to provide, we advice you consult your doctor to determine the amount of care needed for you, to help determine if the location is a correct fit for you. We would also recommend, choosing a location in close proximity to those you enjoy spending time with, as it will make visits a lot easier and allow you to feel more at home.

2. Services 

Another important factor to consider when selecting a facility is the services provided. Focus first on selecting a facility that offers the services you require such as administering certain medications, certain therapies, specialized care if needed such as dementia or diabetes programs. Next, find a facility that offers services you will enjoy such as yoga, movies, or certain cuisines. You know yourself best so choose an environment you know you would  be most likely to thrive in!

3. Size

Their exists a multitude of different size ranges when examining the thousands of facilities available today consider the staff to resident ratio as well. Larger facilities may be more prone to offer more activities such as theaters and swimming pool which you may enjoy. Or you may prefer a smaller facility with a more relaxed population, this factor tends to vary on personal preference.

4. Cost

Perhaps the most considered factor when selecting a facility, cost is always a topic of concern for many individuals. It is of course important to select a facility which you will be able to financially fund however, keep in mind that all facilities differ in forms of payment. Some residents utilize personal finances, medicaid, long term care insurance, or a combination of all of the above when funding their stay. Our advice, once you have compiled a list of facilities feasible in price to you, evaluate all the remanning aside from cost.

5. Culture

Perhaps, the most important factor when selecting a living assisted facility would be the culture of the facility. It is best to find a culture in which you feel most at home and thoroughly enjoy, as the culture will play a large role in your overall experience at the facility. Select a facility whose staff and residents are in line with the culture which facilitates the best lifestyle for you. When evaluating the culture we absolutely recommend you tour all facilities in question, versus just viewing online. Stop in, tour the campus, meet the staff/residents, and have eat a meal there. After all, you would never purchase a home online without ever stepping foot in it would you? So treat this the same way and find the facility that is best for you and your needs!

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