Thinking about retiring soon? Have you thought about living on a cruise ship? Storylines Cruise line is now offering ‘Floating retirement.’ This is an amazing alternative for the adventure seekers who already plan on doing a good amount of traveling once they hit retirement.

Imagine being able to live at sea and go all around the world while enjoying your retirement.Storylines is helping specifically the baby boomers who want that ocean view to look at. They have already sold more than 600 cabins. It’s perfect for someone who wants to adventure and travel in their retirement years.

Co founders Shannon Lee and Alister Punter said they were at a lunch talking about how great living at sea would be and came up with the idea of having this product available for seniors who were looking for an alternative place to spend their retirement. They spend their first six months traveling to Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Mediterranean to see what it would be like for these retirees.

It’s a known fact that many retirees love to travel. Elderly will look forward to the many adventures they have been planning over the years. Whether it’s domestic or international travels AARP’s 2019 Travel Trends Survey shows that the average retiree will take up to five trips each year. It’s no surprise that these trips will cost quite a bit of money. The average cost that is spend on these travels is up to $6,000 per year. Unfortunately not everyone that goes into retirement is able to afford these costs.

The Northwestern Mutual found that a third of baby boomers have less than $25,000 saved up for their retirement. These homes available to retirees on the cruise lines will start around $300,000. Not everyone will be able to afford this pricey cost for retirement, but it is certainly a luxurious way to head into retirement.

Being able to retire at sea is great for the adventurous senior who does not need any type of specialized care. It could just be the most ideal way to live. Plan ahead and do your research on what will be included if you or someone you know decides to float their way through retirement.

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