With years and years of support and carried weight our feet take a lot of stress and strain overtime. The food is made up of over 25 different bones. This can be considered on of the most complex parts of the body.

With feet being such an important role to our overall body when they get hurt or can’t be used it affects your entire life. The older we get the more problems we tend to face with our feet.  It’s important to take care of your feet and make sure they are strong as well. Having strong feet can provide good posture, excellent energy and workouts, body composition and even quality sleep.

It’s common for our bodies to experience foot issues as we age. The most common issues that we face as we age with our feet are:

-Bunions: A bony bump that forms on the joint of your big toe. Usually it’s caused by shoes or heels that are too tight over a long period of time.

-Arthritis: Our feet have 33 different joints…..osteoarthritis can be a major source of pain

-Pain and soreness

-Diabetes foot related issues

-Heel pain: Heel spurs are common

-Toenail issues (ingrown toenails or fungal issues)

-Hammertoes: This is when your toes do not lay flat to the ground but points upward

Treatments vary depending on what foot issue you or a loved one is suffering from. Try to maintain regular foot checkups with your doctor or if you need to go to some type of physical therapy make sure to do so. Shoe inserts, certain medications, proper shoes or ice packs can all generally help with most pain issues. Research in your area what facilities offer Long Term Care if you are needing further help with foot conditions that are worsening.

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